What is UNOSEL ?

Created in 1978, UNOSEL is a non-profit association, with currently 62 members who are organizers of educational and language stays, and summer/holiday camps. Members commit themselves to 4 core values : Trust, Ethics, Security  and Education.

To become a UNOSEL member, an organization has to follow a labelling process which may take several months. If all  criterias  are  met and their inspection is passed, they  obtain the  UNOSEL Quality Label.  Accredited members are then re inspected every 3 years. Our inspections insures that all members meet the required standard of quality.

Unosel members who are acting as agents are considered fully responsible for every aspect of a course/stay. Therefore partner schools/providers are also required to meet all the standards defined in the label.

A major role in the profession

For  more than 40 years, UNOSEL has been active in the development of educational provision for young people and adults. It is the largest federation of language schools and of language and educational tour organisers.

In 2019 UNOSEL represents 55 000 individual language stays abroad, 403 000 students taking part in school and educational group tours, 47 000 people taking part in holidays camps.

UNOSEL sits on the NF-Service Special Committee (“Comité Particulier”) for Language Study Tour Organisers.

As an expert in the field, UNOSEL took an active part in the creation of the European Standard for language tours and language courses under the aegis of the European Standards Committee (CEN – Comité Européen de Normalisation).

Members of UNOSEL are a mixture of large and small structures, companies or non-profit making organisations who, within the association, all have an equal say in decision making. For operational purposes, members work on five committees: Educational Tours for Schools, Language Study Holidays for Young People, Language Study Holidays for Adults, Language Schools, Educational Tours for Young People and Adults. These committees meet very regularly to examine and discuss each sector’s problems, to invite experts in the field for their opinions, thereby making progress in the quality of each sector.

These committees are UNOSEL’s life blood. It is within them that the majority of decisions are taken, and the Federation’s positions on different matters are decided. They also provide a forum for members to exchange information and ideas about the way their activity is evolving and developing.

UNOSEL’s Mission Statement:

  • UNOSEL was founded to advise and protect consumers of language study holiday and educational tours for young people and adults by ensuring that their expectations were satisfied. Among other things, this pre-supposes that the client deals with a professional organisation that complies with current French legislation.

  • UNOSEL helps the profession to develop, and thereby enhances its image ; defends its interests and ensures that it is properly represented in France, in Europe and throughout the world

  • UNOSEL maintains regular contact with prescribers, ministries, tourist information offices, local authorities, multi-national companies, professional organisations, parents’ associations, consumer organisations, and workers’ council representatives. This ongoing search for dialogue enables us to be aware of each others’ problems and to contribute to finding possible solutions.

  • UNOSEL is a strategic and technological observatory over the language learning business. This enables us to collect important information about markets, products and consumer expectations.

  • UNOSEL encourages the development of relations between existing institutions to attain common objectives.

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